What does the theory test involve?

The theory test examination is split into two phases. The first is a multiple choice examination consisting of 50 questions where you need to achieve a pass mark of 43 or above. The second phase is the Hazard Perception. This is where you are shown 15 video clips on a computer screen and you are required to click the mouse button when you see a hazard developling on the road. The earlier you click the mouse the higher the score you will achieve on each clip. You must score a total of 44 out of 75 points in order to pass the Hazard Perception part of the Theory Test. Unfortunately in order to pass the theory test you must achieve a pass in both sections on the same day.

How should I prepare for my theory test?

We believe that the best way to prepare for your theory test is to use any of the CD ROMS available in most good book shops. You can usually buy a set that will prepare you for both the Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception for under £15. There are two websites listed below which are very useful for theory test preparation. You may be able to buy products online or simply practice Mock Theory Tests on the websites. If you do not have regular access to a computer then buy the books and an Interactive Hazard Perception DVD that would work using your DVD remote control.

You can also download the official DVSA Theory Kit for your iPhone or Android device. These are much cheaper and mean that it is always in your pocket next time you are waiting at the bus stop!

When should I book my theory test?

We believe that you should book a date as soon as you start learning to drive. You do not have to do it next week but by booking a date you have a target to work towards. You can always move your Theory Test if you feel that you are not ready up to 3 working days before your appointment. Once you pass your Theory Test you will need to keep the certificate (which is valid for two years) in a safe place along with your Driving licence. Please remember that passing your Theory Test does not mean that you are ready to book a Driving Test.

THEORY TEST PREPARATION: www.theory-tests.co.uk | www.2pass.co.uk

BOOKING YOUR THEORY TEST: www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/LearnerAndNewDrivers/TheoryTest/ Tel. 0300 200 1122

LEARNERS STUFF - USEFUL WEB SITE: www.learnerstuff.co.uk

Official Theory Test Video from DVSA: